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  Kittichai Golden Rice Office    
WareHouse No.2

           Kittichai Golden Rice Co.,Lrd was established since 1988 as a   rice processing company, before that we do only rice milling for over   10 years.
            With our knowledge in rice processing, rice specification,   planting area, we decided to expanded our business to rice   wholesaling and exporting. With our promise to provide the rice with   constantly good quality with good service, our domestic market sale   grown year by year.

             As a member of Thai Rice Exporter Assosiation since year   2003, We started exporting our rice to our customers in neighbor   area, Maleysia. Now it has been 6 years that we have been exporting   the rice with the good quality as our promise to our oversea   customers.
          The volume is gradually expanding step by step. Now we have   customers in many region around the world such as L.A., New York,   Saudi Arabia, Isreal...etc

           As policy, our company believe in Win-Win situation is the most   important things for the long term business relation. We do   emphasize our employee to maintain the good rice quality at   competive price.

Our promise to our customer
         "The most important thing is to be sincere and hornest to our customers, we will never compromise the rice quality no matter what happen is our promise to our customer"

WareHouse No.1
39 Moo.7 Bangplee-Kingkaew Road, Bangplee-Yai, Bangplee, Samudprakarn, 10540, Thailand
Tel : (66)2-337-3348,9 , (66)2-751-0280,1 ; Fax (66)2-337-4081
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