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Thai Jasmine Rice (Thai Hom Mali Rice)
Thai Jasmine Rice
Thai Jasmine Rice or Thai Hom Mali Rice
is the most famous Thai originated rice especailly
for its unique fragant, aroma when cooked
and also the soft grain texture.
Jasmine rice can be planted only one crop per year in the monsoon season.
All of these qualities and characteristics make Thai Jasmine Rice has high demand from
many countries worldwide.
The most famous Thai Jasmine rice is the rice that
is plant in North-Eastern part of Thailand.
(Thai Jasmine Rice Specification)
  Thai Parboiled Rice  
Thai Parboiled Rice
Thai Parboiled Rice is processed from high
quality white rice. Due to the good process and
quality Thai Parboiled rice is very popular
in Middle East and Africa countries
(Parboiled Rice Specification)
    White Glutinous Rice
Thai White Glutinous Rice
(White Sweet Rice)

Thai White Glutinous Rice or in orther name
White Sweet Rice is a kind of rice planted in Asia.
The rice has sticky characteristic so
it is called sticky rice by local people.
Glutinous rice is widely
consumed in Thai Northern and North Eastern
region, also in Many countries near Thailand.
The product from Glutinous rice
such as sweet rice flour is widely used as
ingredient in many recipes in the food industries.

(Thai White Glutinous Rice Specification)
  Thai White Rice 5%  
Thai White Rice
(White Rice 100% and 5%)
Thai White Rice or normal white rice is
the most common rice in Thailand and world wide .
Thai White rice can be planted for 2-3 crops
per year depend on the planting area and irrigation.
Thai white rice new crop is highly demanded from
many countries would wide. More than half of the rice exporting is White rice.
White rice has many grade such as 100%,
5% broken, 10% broken...till 100% broken rice.
(Thai White Rice Specification)


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