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Thai Fragant Red Rice
Fragant Red Rice

Thai Fragant Red Rice is the rice that has
bran in red.
Red rice is well known in
health concious people for its higher in nutrition
than other white rice espcially Vit. B and Vit. E.
It also being used in baby food industry
and very popular in health concious market.
Fragant Red Rice can be planted
only one crop per year and very small quantity so
the supply is very limited.

(Red Rice Specification)
  Brown Jasmine Rice  

Thai Brown Jasmine Rice
(Thai Brown Hom Mali Rice)

Thai Brown Jasmine Rice is the jasmine rice
that past throgh the process of dehasking only.
All of the good nutrition of rice
in germ and bran
still being kept and not milled away.
Brown rice has higher Vitamin than white rice so it
is good for health and also help your body
preventing many kinds of illness from lacking of
(Brown Jasmine Rice Specification)
    Black Glutinous Rice (Black Sweet Rice)
Black Glutinous Rice
(Black Sweet Rice)

Thai Black Glutinous Rice or
Black White Sweet Rice is a special kind of rice planted in Thailand.
The rice has black color bran and sticky texture.
For nutrition
Black Glutinous rice has Beta Carotene that other
kinds of rice do not have and also higher
Vit.E and Vit. B than white rice.
In Thailand Black Glutinous Rice is used
in making Thai desser and in flour industry.
In former time Black Glutinous Rice also planted
in China but currently there is only
Thailand that is planting.

(Thai Whire Glutinous Rice Specification)


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